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RED SEA RESEARCH Projects are ideal for active volunteers and training marine science students who want to learn the methods used in marine research programs to the standards required for accurate scientific analysis.
Raccoon butterflyfish We offer a variety of projects to become involved that include both short term but often repetitive projects for example  our tyre removal or pipe removal projects. Or longer term projects including our dive site comparative surveys explained below or projects we are currently planning that will help benefit the local community and allow for a more sustainable environment.
We are actively involved in local coastal clean-ups and our research diver course also includes a day participating in underwater trash removal, this can range from litter picking to removal of larger objects that require team participation, so be prepared to lend a hand!!
All project placements are subject to availability, and can be changed to accommodate large groups, clubs and university field trips to suite their individual requirements and curriculum.
Speciality projects are only available to RED SEA RESEARCH organisation members.