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Eco Diver Course 4 day.

From: – €195.00.

Minimum age: 16

Prerequisite: Candidates must be qualified to dive to 18m. The duration of the Eco course will be 4 days.

Sergeant majors Photo by R. Carey

The Eco Diver Course. 4 day:This course is designed to give a diver a sound basic knowledge of the marine environment and how to collect data relevant in monitoring the condition of the marine environment. It will give the student an opportunity to learn the skills required to become an asset to marine research and is the first step in becoming a Research diving professional.

A preliminary evaluation is required by all qualified divers to assess their capabilities and basic knowledge of recreational diving, and is required by most scuba agencies. This will allow RSR to assess a students capabilities and arrange student teams, to maximise the individuals attributes and reinforce their weaknesses.


Course outlines :

The Red Sea Research4 day Eco Diver course is divided into 4 Sessions with each divided into Academic and Practical.


Day 1: Buoyancy, Navigation, and Safety.

Day 2: Tropical marine ecology.

Day 3: Topographical surveying techniques.

Day 4:  Benthic Survey Techniques.



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