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Jonty Laycock

Jonty Laycock
Managing Director and Instructor Trainer

I have degrees in mechanical/marine engineering and have received extensive training as part of an offshore search and recovery team. For the last 14 years I have been traveling extensively through South East Asia and East Africa, working in the tourism industry as an adventure resort manager and scuba diving instructor. I have also been involved in the set up and operation of marine national parks in Bunakan, Northern Sulawesi, Indonesia and, on Pemba and Masali islands off the coast of Tanzania. Since 2004 I have been living and working in Dahab, South Sinai as a scuba diving instructor. I am the course director of RED SEA RESEARCH and oversee the general operations of the company, along with instructing the scuba research diving programs.


Sarah Fryirs

Sarah Fryirs
Managing Director/Finance Manager

I have worked in the diving industry teaching in various parts of the world for the past 15 years. I am a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and have been working within the Dahab diving community since 2004. I have a degree in Banking & Finance and at Red Sea Research I am a Managing Director and I oversee all financial operations.








Dr Nichola Fletcher

Dr Nichola Fletcher

Consultant Marine Biologist UK.

I graduated from Scarborough’s centre for environmental and marine science in 2004 with a first class degree in marine biology. From here I undertook a PhD in behavioural ecology at the University of Hull completing this is 2007. I have since been working as a post doctoral researcher with the chemical and sensory ecology research group at Hull University focussing on the reproductive behaviour of the European shore crab. I have tropical field experience in both the Caribbean and Asia. At RED SEA RESEARCH I am responsible for the scientific operations of the course, running both, the marine biology and benthic surveying modules as well as co-ordinating ongoing science project.



Laura Dinraths

Laura Dinraths MSc


Marine Biologist

I graduated from two master degrees in Zoology and Oceanography in 2008 and since then I have been teaching

biology to future doctors, working at headquarters of a marine conservation NGO and teaching marine biology courses to scuba divers. My interests and expertise cover endangered species conservation, species identification (fish, invertebrates and plankton), reef ecology and surveys, underwater photography and sustainable development for better marine protection. I have been living in Dahab since 2011 and have an in-depth knowledge of species and status of conservation in the Red Sea. At Red Sea Research I am the field marine biologist responsible for teaching Tropical Marine Biology and Benthic surveys.




Thea Dacke

Thea Dacke BSc International Studies

Trainee Instructor trainer

I have recently completed a BSc (honours) degree in International Studies with The Open University as well as my PADI Divemaster and am interested in international development and environmental projects in developing countries. I came to work for Red Sea Research because they are not only marine research diver training specialists, but are also involved with impacting the local communities through a variety of sustainable initiatives. This involves Permaculture, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Eco- Building. Working with Red Sea Research is therefore providing me with valuable practical and organisational experience by integrating all of these sectors with the aim of establishing a sustainable community.