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NEWS 2015. Aquatecture UK

RED SEA RESEARCResearch diversH is a non-profit organisation, from July 2015 we will be joining AQUATECTURE UK. We will be combining our projects and programs and broadening our interests to encompass a full range of sustainable environmental projects. visit our new web site <www.aquatectureuk.com> for details of our new projects (Available in Jan 2015). Aquatecture UK will manufacture and install artificial reef pods and Dive sites that resemble ancient Ruins and are custom made to meet a resorts requirements. The materials used are Non Toxic and incorporate an innovative magnetic field generator that attracts life. We will also continue to provide professional training to Marine science Students, Volunteers, Recreational and non-divers. , who wish to understand and contribute to the future health of the environment we all enjoy so much.

RED SEA RESEARCH courses allow Scuba clubs and Marine environmental groups to survey, and collect relevant data to produce their own comparative environmental surveys on their local dive sites.

Course Protocols

Course Tree

Course Tree

RED SEA RESEARCH trains you in essential research methodology and survey data gathering techniques to the standards required by marine research establishments; while earning an internationally recognised qualification. This qualification enables you to participate in marine research projects with skill and confidence. RED SEA RESEARCH has developed a modular scientific diving course aimed at marine science students and environmentally active recreational divers. It is our goal to establish a competent, experienced volunteer workforce capable of being an asset to any marine research project.

RED SEA RESEARCH courses increase a diver’s environmental awareness; we also provide an excellent grounding for students in the diving techniques required to become a marine environmental academic.


A by-product of RED SEA RESEARCH courses includes the accumulation of relevant baseline data retrieved while conducting repetitive surveys during research diver training. This data allows us to ascertain any changes in the condition of the reef through the collection of comparative data, which is crucial to future environmental research. The scope of our courses will expand as students and volunteers gain knowledge and experience through actively participating in research projects, and contributing to our understanding of the marine environment. As our membership increases, the number and variety of projects we can undertake will increase, which will benefit the environment and people it supports. This progressive expansion will help us to further understand the complexities of tropical marine environments and the ecosystems they sustain, with the aim of preservation through understanding, experience and responsible reef management. RED SEA RESEARCH profits will be reintegrated into funding for ongoing and future research making our environmental projects self financing.

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Dumped Tyres in Eel Garden, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt

From this …

Jewel Fairy Basslet

… to this! (Photo: Richard Carey)